On Thursday March 9th at 7:00 pm Hartigan Manor is having an open house at the council with music, food, and drinks.   Staff will be available to answer any questions regarding rental of the hall.  In addition, all council members, even those who have been away for a while, are invited to come on down to say hello. If any of our members has a friend or relative who might be interested in joining our council and/or the Catholic War Veterans Post, please bring them along as well.  Thank you.

Interested in Becoming a Knight?

Do you have strong moral Catholic values and a desire to help your fellow men? Do you like to have a good time while also making a positive contribution to our society? If so, perhaps you would like to join us! We are a benevolent organization that strives to help make our world a better place. Welcome! Be A Knight!

Simply go to the following site for further information:

or contact our Past Grand Knight - Peter Volberg for further details about our specific Council